Alpine A-Frame with 4' Overhang
Alpine A-Frame with 4′ Overhang

At All Amish Outdoor Furniture and Alpine Wood Storage Structures, we specialize in the sale of Alpine wood storage units.

Our Alpine structures are built on-site to ensure the best quality and worksmanship available today.

Please feel free to browse the various storage structures below to find the perfect structure to fit your needs, wants and desires.

For more information on any of these Alpine Wood Storage Structures, feel free to give us a call at (330) 342-0864. We look forward to hearing from you, and to putting you into the high quality storage structure you deserve.

Currently, we offer the following styles:

Alpine Barnstyle with 4′ Sidewalls Alpine Barnstyle with 6′ 6″ Sidewalls Alpine Barnstyle with 6’6″ Sidewalls and 4′ Overhang
Alpine Barnstyle Cabin with 6′ Overhang Alpine Gable with 12″ or 18″ Overhang Alpine Cottage
Alpine A-Frame Cabin with 6′ Overhang Alpine Gable with 42″ Overhang Alpine Quaker
EZ-Fit Shed Alpine A-Frame with 4″ Overhang Alpine Frontier
Alpine Lofts Alpine Garages Alpine Cove